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The South Lawn Area

The South Lawn Area of Fort Slocum was a comparatively undeveloped section of the post near the southern shore of Davids Island. Over the history of Fort Slocum, the Army occasionally used this section of the post as a building site for short-lived and temporary buildings, such as several temporary barracks put up there during the First World War. Recreation facilities, such as a tennis court, and other amenities, like an outdoor fountain, also stood in the area for as much as several decades.

However, from around 1940 until Fort Slocum closed in 1965, the South Lawn Area was a section of post landscaped in lawn and shade trees that sloped down from the Parade Ground to the shore.


South Lawn Area

01-SLawn functional hilite

Location of the South Lawn Area at Fort Slocum.

02-Rodman gun signs Parker Hoyle

South Lawn Area as seen from the vicinity of the Rodman Gun Monument (left), looking southeast, ca. 1960.  WAC Barracks (Building 135) visible in background at right.


The South Lawn Area grown over by young Norway maples, 40 years after Fort Slocum closed. Looking east, April 2006.