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Architectural Reports

One of the most important tasks completed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was an inventory and detailed documentation of the buildings, structures and landscape—and their ruins—that comprised the physical remnants of Fort Slocum. Through these records, information about Fort Slocum and its buildings was preserved, even though all of the buildings and most of the other historic features from the post have been demolished.

These documentary records provide information on the design, construction and evolution of Fort Slocum’s buildings and structures. The records reflect how Fort Slocum’s buildings and structures were designed to serve specific functions, what factors influenced their siting, the fashions of decoration and design of the eras in which they were built, and the tastes and skills of their builders.

Architectural documentation of Fort Slocum includes an inventory and evaluation study (completed 2005), six volumes of documentation of individual buildings (2008-2009), and a historic landscape study (2009). This Web site makes the documentation for most of the individual buildings available in PDF format. Other reports and additional records of Fort Slocum’s now-demolished architecture are available in the Local History Collection of the New Rochelle Public Library.


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