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This web site is derived from material included in a series of technical reports prepared for the U.S. Army Corps by Tetra Tech EC, Inc. The key reports are included in the downloads section. Additional reports are on file in the local history section of the New Rochelle Public Library.


Many archives and libraries contain primary documents, maps, and photographs related to the history of Davids Island and Fort Slocum. Some must be visited in person.  The most important of these is the U.S. National Archives, especially the branches in College Park, Maryland, and New York City.  The Library of Congress, the New York Historical Society, the Westchester Archives and Records Center, the Westchester Historical Society, and the New Rochelle Public Library also contain materials related to Davids Island or Fort Slocum.

An increasing amount of material is available online. Out-of-print, historical editions of certain pertinent newspapers such as the New York Times, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and the Washington Post are available online. Access varies and may require a visit to a library.


While Fort Slocum has not yet been the subject of a published history, there are many useful books and articles on the topics covered by this website. Some of these are out of print, but should be available through a local library.

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