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Collaborating Organizations

This Web site is the result of the collaboration of several agencies and organizations.


Westchester County, New York

By hosting this Web site, Westchester County, New York, acknowledges that Davids Island is an integral part not only of the City of New Rochelle’s rich past, but also of the entire county’s historical roots. Westchester epitomizes the scope of America’s history from its earliest Colonial settlements and the Revolution through industrialization and suburban development. From the Civil War to the 20th-century challenges of the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War, the Army presence at Fort Slocum on Davids Island was part of the fabric of the county’s role in defending the nation.



The Westchester County Archives





The Westchester County Archives, a unit of the county’s Department of Information Technology, has promoted online access to its own collections and, through the Virtual Archives, to primary source materials that illustrate Westchester County’s special role in the country’s history. Developed collaboratively with the Westchester County Historical Society, the Virtual Archives features: “Westchester County and the Civil War;”  “Bronx River Parkway HAER,” the Historical  American Engineering Record  of one of the world’s first parkways; and “Historical Treasures of Westchester County,” the unique and valuable historical documents found in each of the county’s 45 local communities. The Westchester County Archives is pleased to add “The Army's Century on Davids Island” to the roster of Virtual Archives online exhibits.



The Westchester County Historical Society 









The Westchester County Historical Society founded in 1874, is a member-based, not-for-profit agency, incorporated by the State of New York to serve the people of Westchester County.  Its mission is to collect and preserve the history of the county, to promote the knowledge and understanding of that history and to promote the preservation of the county’s architectural heritage. It has the largest and most comprehensive collection of local history and genealogy in the county.  Since 2006, WCHS has served as Westchester County Historian, and partners with the Westchester County Archives to make historical collections available to the public through their joint reading room and through the Virtual Archives.


 City of New Rochelle Seal

As of 2009, most of Davids Island is owned by the City of New Rochelle and is managed by the city’s Public Works Department. The city owns the archeological artifacts and some of the salvaged architectural elements collected by the cultural resource team and construction workers during the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ demolition project at former Fort Slocum.






New Rochelle Public Library

The local history collection of the New Rochelle Public Library  is a key repository for reports, studies, newspaper clippings, photographs and other materials related to the history of Fort Slocum and Davids Island. The library is custodian of the city’s archeological collection from the island. It also holds the digital archive of Fort Slocum’s buildings and landscape created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its contractor during cultural resource work for the Fort Slocum demolition project.


Fort Slocum Alumni & FriendsFort Slocum Alumni & Friends is an informal Web list comprised of former military personnel, civilian employees, family members and others with an interest in the post’s history. The alumni and friends have assembled thousands of photographs and other historical materials under the custodianship of Michael A. Cavanaugh of Los Angeles. These materials are one of the major sources of images and information presented on this Web site.




The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, managed the Fort Slocum demolition project. The district was responsible for compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Its staff provided knowledge and supervision during development of the 2009 version of this Web site.




Tetra Tech EC, Inc., was the Corps of Engineers’ prime contractor for the Fort Slocum demolition project. Tetra Tech provided technical expertise, logistical support and personnel for cultural resource studies on Davids Island. It also designed and developed the 2009 version of this Web site.





The illustrations on this Web site come from many organizations, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tetra Tech EC, Inc., the National Archives, the Alumni and Friends of Fort Slocum, several oral history interviewees, the New Rochelle Public Library, the Westchester Historical Society, the National Archives, the New York Historical Society, the Library of Congress, the Coast Defense Study Group and other sources noted in individual captions. The developers of the web site gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of all who contributed material to the site.


Funding for this project was provided through the Office of Economic Adjustment, Department of Defense, and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, New York District.