Goroskop Maia 2012
Home Design Team
The 2009 Web Site Team

Content and Design

  • Christopher L. Borstel, Ph.D., RPA, Tetra Tech EC, Inc. (TtEC)
  • Nancy J. Brighton, M.A., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District (Corps)
  • Robert M. Jacoby, M.A., TtEC
  • Jay Mahar, TtEC
  • Sydne B. Marshall, Ph.D., RPA, TtEC
  • Andru L. Poole, TtEC

Content Advisory Committee

  • Michael A. Cavanaugh, Fort Slocum Alumni & Friends
  • Barbara Davis, New Rochelle City Historian and New Rochelle Public Library
  • Patricia N. Dohrenwend, Westchester County Archives and Records Center
  • Katherine M. Hite, Westchester County Historical Society

Project Management

  • Gregory J. Goepfert, P.E., PMP, Corps
  • George M. Willant, M.B.A., TtEC