Goroskop Maia 2012
Archeology Protect Davids Island Heritage
Protect the Archeological Heritage of Davids Island

Archeological sites are part of the heritage of every community in our nation. They preserve information and traces of the past that may exist in no other form. Sites can be damaged or lost through thoughtless digging, and when this happens, our collective heritage, as well as that of individual communities, is diminished. Protection of sites is a shared responsibility.


Archeological sites require careful stewardship. When archeological investigations are necessary, the work is best done by trained and experienced personnel. Good excavations require well-developed technical and intellectual skills. They also demand a commitment to careful recordkeeping, artifact conservation and dissemination of results. Anything less is looting.


Davids Island is owned by the City of New Rochelle and is closed to the public.
Unauthorized visits and other activities on the island may result in arrest and prosecution.