Goroskop Maia 2012
“And the first thing you know, we’re busy”

A swing combo from Fort Slocum ready to play on CBS Radio’s “Major Bowes Amateur Hour”.


Let me see, Dick Ruedebusch, trumpet, because he was a good Dixieland trumpet player. And Zip Zantay played the clarinet. And bass and piano and drums, you know. And since there were seven of us and we started just to play for our own amusement in the basement. And the first thing you know, we’re busy.”


I don’t know how many broadcasts we did. I know that, they’d use us as a change of pace in the Army program.”


-Paul Tanner, celebrated trombonist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra who served with the Army Service Forces Band from 1943 to 1945

(interviewed 2008)



Towards the end…1944, 1945, we spent at NBC because the band evolved into an orchestra. We had strings. We had the finest musicians that you could think of.”


-Zoltan (Zip) Zantay, played wood winds for the Fort Slocum band and for several civilian bands after the war

(interviewed 2008)