Goroskop Maia 2012
“You’d say ‘Yes, sir’ and you’d go away”

Ken Rought circa 1940.



Describing the quarters Ken Rought shared with his wife as young newlyweds on the upper floor of an Officers’ Row residence in 1942:




It was just a bed and a little bathroom up there with a slanted ceiling…But it was convenient. We came up and down the back stairwell. Of course, you didn’t enter an officer’s quarters by the front.”






Responding to an interviewer's question about the relationships between enlisted and officers at Fort Slocum, he commented:


A soldier salutes Colonel Bernard Lentz (center right), Fort Slocum’s commanding officer, 1945. The occasion is a graduation exercise for the honor battalion of the Second Service Command’s Rehabilitation Center, which operated at Fort Slocum from late 1944 until mid-1946. The civilian to the left of Col. Lentz is Stanley Church, New Rochelle’s mayor. Capt. Eunity Frances Elderdice stands to Col. Lentz’s right.



Well, there was no relationship. You met an officer, you saluted. If he called for you, you went into the office and reported. And he would tell you what he wanted. You’d say ‘Yes, sir’ and you’d go away.”

-Ken Rought, private first class at Fort Slocum in 1940

(interviewed 2007)