Goroskop Maia 2012
History Overview and Accounts
Overview and Selected Historical Accounts to Download

Moments in History (Primary Sources)
The history of Fort Slocum and Davids Island is made up of innumerable episodes, ranging from light and casual to serious and profound. Such episodes illuminate the life of the island-post in different eras. Available here for reading and download are a small sample of newspaper and similar accounts of a few of these episodes.


Individual Historical Accounts for download can be found here.


Fort Slocum: Historic Overview

This summary of the history of Fort Slocum and Davids Island provides general background for the architectural documentation of former post’s historic buildings and structures. Somewhat technical in style, the overview also served as an important resource in preparing the historical articles for this Web site.


Download Link: icon Fort Slocum: Historic Overview (5.46 MB)